Food is memories.

At Hampton Manor, our 3 distinctive restaurants each create a different mood, flavour and memory.



ATMOSPHERE: There’s not many places left in our city where dining out is an event to be anticipated. You’re not just going anywhere, you’re entering in through historic doors into a manor house with a lavish dining room. It’s an escape from the expected and the familiar. Yet our house remains a home. Whilst we embrace living it up, we’ve ditched the stuffy; the only order of the day is celebration.

FLAVOUR: Made for indulgence, where nostalgia is elevated. Our wine list is award-winning (Best UK Wine List 2019) and our cocktails deserve a tasting menu of their very own. Executive chef Darren Meacham and head chef Monty Stonehewer bring their imaginations to the plate.

MENU:  Seven courses £115.

We also have a Chef’s tasting room experience with eight courses and welcome drink for £165


ATMOSPHERE: A place to explore, learn and discover. On one side, you’ll be looking onto our walled garden where we grow organically for our kitchens. On your other side, will be the open kitchen with its bar and lounge.

FLAVOUR: Nutrient-rich ingredients grown on sustainable and regenerative farms are brought to the plate with restrained finesse. Having cooked all over the world, Chef David Taylor’s finishing school was as part of the team at Maaemo in Norway, where they won 3 stars during his time there.

MENU:  Fifteen course tasting menu £135.



ATMOSPHERE: down in the old rustic furnace house by the walled garden, this is a home for relaxed date nights and buzzy gatherings, accompanied by a kicking soundtrack. A humble brick abode with a wood fire at its heart. In the summer, we open up the surrounding green houses for dining amongst the vines.

FLAVOUR: Soulful cooking by MasterChef The Professionals 2019 Champion, Stuart Deeley. Smoke’s dishes are comforting and fuelled by the wood-fire yet with the refinement and creativity that you can expect across our whole estate.

MENU:  Four course a la carte £70 or Chef’s Blind Five tasting menu £95. All served with generous sharing dishes.