Grace & Savour

'A labour of love'

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An immersive experience

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Built into the very walls of the Manor’s Victorian Walled Garden, Grace & Savour is an immersive dining experience with dedicated luxury accommodation.

"This could be THE place to visit in 2022"

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The fifteen course tasting menu is served from an open kitchen. It celebrates a revolution in growing and farming that is reviving a pre-industrial approach to food. The focus is on soil health, bio-diversity and sustainability. Chef David Taylor believes farming is the key to unlocking flavour.

'Dishes that made me feel blessed to have taste buds'

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Fifteen courses delve into the stories of farmers and fishers who are pioneering a new wave of sustainability. Before we even opened the doors, our leading couple David and Anette, spent 1 year trawling the land for like-minded growers and boat captains. But, of course, the thing that matters is how this hunt for flavour shows up on the plate.

In the kitchen, the chefs are building their library of ingredients preserved from the land; jars full of carrot nectar, camomile and apple kombucha, pickled magnolia. On the fire, you’ll see signature dishes such as grass-fed beef brisket smoked over pine or wild boar. From small boats rather than big trawlers, we’ll be serving buttery monkfish or creel-caught red prawns.

Head Chef David Taylor started his career under the tutelage of Glynn Purnell before travelling to work in some of the best kitchens in North America and Scandinavia. His finishing school was at Maaemo in Norway where he was part of the team that won three Michelin stars.

'A relaxed, foodie hub'

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Dinner Bookings

For non-residents we offer a small number of tables Wednesday to Saturday dinner. Your evening includes a 15 course tasting menu. £135 per person.


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For overnight guests, we invite you into the rhythm of our kitchen and garden. Arrive at 3pm for chef’s tour of the garden and menu introduction. Relax in your bedroom lounge from where you can glimpse the open kitchen where the chefs will be preparing your 15 course experience.


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Our Garden Suites all offer lounge areas that look across a wild garden to the kitchen, allowing you to anticipate your dinner from the moment you arrive. At the heart of these rooms is our bath time ritual that celebrates the scent of the garden designed by local organic apothecarists, Harvest. Large tubs are cast in concrete using a natural palette of colours. Built within the old timber yard, each bedroom celebrates the craftsmanship of a local wood craftsman.

These rooms all include the full experience with chef’s garden tour, 15 course tasting menu, breakfast. From £360pp


'Wines that bring you closer to the vineyard'

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Wine List

In 2019, Hampton Manor won the AA Wine List of the year for our focus on small production, handcrafted makers that work sensitively in the vineyard and winery. The same values will run through the wine list in Grace & Savour with a range of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages complementing wine in a drinks pairing to follow the flow of the 15 course menu.

A family welcome

David and Anette Taylor

David and Anette Taylor will be your hosts throughout your stay. We look forward to welcoming you.


The doctor-grower

Our growing ethos

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The growing programme is directed by Dr Sally Bell, a family owner of Hampton Manor. Sally spent 20 years practicing conventional medicine before retraining in lifestyle medicine which focuses on research based interventions through nutrition, movement, rest, sleep and connection. Her research led to travel across the UK exploring the link between farming and nutrient density. Under Sally’s guidance the Walled Garden is part of the GRFFN Project (Growing Real Food for Nutrition). Sally’s work has played a key role in helping David connect with a new movement of farmers who are rejecting the intensive industrial farming that most restaurants are used to.

In our walled garden, we grow with organic methods. Further afield we work with organic, biodynamic and regenerative farmers, grass fed meat and small boat fisheries.

Sally also offers bespoke programmes and workshops at Hampton Manor and the Grace & Savour development kitchen. Sign up for all the latest events.



The diary opens 6 months ahead online.

We release the next months availability on the 1st of each Month. If you have a special occasion or an enquiry for exclusive hire that needs planning further in advance please do not hesitate to email