William Morris is Loic’s inspiration for this list. His cocktails pay tribute to the life of the man who headed up the Arts and Crafts movement. Last month we met Icelandic Sagas, Earthly Paradise, Hide and Seek, Roots of the Mountains and Strawberry Thief. Time to meet Loic’s other half. 


Red House

Inspo: Morris’ marital home (and our doppelgänger). This house was a craft hub for Morris and his friends, an ever-evolving piece of living art.

Flavours: In the garden grew cherry and apple trees. Fresh and fruity.

In the Mix: Rhubarb gin, ginger, hibiscus, lime, cherry

Natural Harmony

Inspo: Our own name for Morris’ belief in the harmony of nature and his desire for society to reflect this ideal.

Flavours: All about balance. Savoury and pickled.

In the Mix: Copperhead, beetroot, strawberry jam, tonka, kombucha

The Mocktails: a trio inspired by fruit and vege. Loic’s determined to help you get your five a day. But did you expect crushed buffalo worms to be in the mix?

Peas & Tea – Seedlip Garden 108, hibiscus, ginger, Kombucha

Buffalita – Seedlip Spice 94, pineapple, lime, buffalo worm salt

Carrots – Carrot three ways, saffron, soda

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