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Red House

Inspo: Morris’ marital home (and our doppelgänger). This house was a craft hub for Morris and his friends, an ever-evolving piece of living art.

Flavours: In the garden grew cherry and apple trees. Fresh and fruity.

In the Mix: Rhubarb gin, ginger, hibiscus, lime, cherry

Natural Harmony

Inspo: Our own name for Morris’ belief in the harmony of nature and his desire for society to reflect this ideal.

Flavours: All about balance. Savoury and pickled.

In the Mix: Copperhead, beetroot, strawberry jam, tonka, kombucha

The Mocktails: a trio inspired by fruit and vege. Loic’s determined to help you get your five a day. But did you expect crushed buffalo worms to be in the mix?

Peas & Tea – Seedlip Garden 108, hibiscus, ginger, Kombucha

Buffalita – Seedlip Spice 94, pineapple, lime, buffalo worm salt

Carrots – Carrot three ways, saffron, soda

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