Haven’t We Met Before?

You’re not wrong; but the Cluedo cocktail menu’s got a lot more to say!

You’ve already met a trio of mysterious tipples (Sergeant Grey, Professor Plum and Dr Orchid revealed themselves in all their gory glory in this blog post). But now it’s time to become acquainted with three more of the Manor’s Cluedo cocktail suspects.

Dr Black
First on the chopping block is Dr Black: a close relative to the espresso martini but don’t be fooled! Espresso is muddled with salted caramel. Green Chartreuse, a liqueur made by Carthusian Monks comes into the mix  and then (and here’s the real curveball) a sweet wine… we are in the cellar after all!

Rev Green
Rev Green is oh so pious in The Parlour. You won’t find a dash of alcohol in this little number, but don’t expect us to hold back on the flavour. The concoction of our Italian bar master Alessandro, he’s swirled Juniper with lemon verbena and fresh cucumber juice for this short, martini style mocktail that will refreshingly awaken your tastebuds.

Colonel Mustard
In the Library, you might expect Colonel Mustard to be quite the gentleman, but he packs a punch. Pear and Japanese liqueur start the story, but then the mustard seed’s close acquaintance, wasabi, steps in and takes you unawares. The marmite of cocktails; you’ll have to try it to see where you stand.

A note to the discerning. Flick to the last page of the Cluedo Cocktail menu and you’ll find a little competition. That’s all we can say for now. 

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