1. Lagavulin 12yr 2017 Special Release
For: Peated whisky lovers
Story: Lagavulin 16 is the regular version that has won the heart of many a whisky fan. This 12 year old special release takes it up a level. It is bottled at cask strength and is a force of nature.
Taste: Rich, powerful and balanced. How about that? Think of BBQ meat with a sweet smokiness and touch of citrus.
2. Glengoyne 21yr old
For: The sweet toothed
Story: Glengoyne is an old school distillery that has the slowest distillation process in Scotland. This particular bottle is then matured in ex-sherry casks for twenty one years.
Taste: It is velvety deliciousness. Think liquid Christmas cake.
3. Rosebank 12 yr Flora & Fauna
For: The whisky newbie
Story: This whisky was bottled in 1990, just three years before the distillery closed, making it all the rarer. 24 years later the distillery has re-opened its doors.
Taste: Perfect lowland whisky style. Smooth, honey lead and light.
4. Ailsa Bay
For: Purveyors of peat
Story: A light, peaty whisky from Girvan (where curling stones come from). It’s very unusual to have a peaty whisky distilled outside Islay. The peatiness comes from its maturation in micro bourbon barrels, which accelerates the maturation process.
Taste: Vanilla and maple syrup notes.
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