Sam Olive’s series of Wine Schools continue with intimate tastings that explore hot topics in the world of natural wine. The line up looks as follows:
adjective – ‘originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native’.
In a climate where ‘international’ grapes and regions dominate the shelves (New Zealand Sauvignon, Argentine Malbec, Italian Pinot Grigio), it’s a difficult task to understand the merits of untapped wine regions and their unique varietals. Wine made from indigenous varietals are important and intriguing. One grape variety can be so potent it can embody the flavour of an entire region. These wines have qualities we would like to have ourselves: original, unrepeatable, exceptional and unique. And so, in this event, we’ll be tasting through a selection of wines that are off the beaten track and true to the flavour of their homeland.
Friday 13th April, 7-9pm, £40pp to include grazing plates and wine. 
Sweet Cheeks?
What exactly is dry, medium and sweet wine? And then there’s ‘off-dry’, just to confuse things further! Not many of us really understand the sweet reality when it comes to wine. In this month’s wine school we’ll be exploring why many of us are suckers for that little bit of luscious. We’ll be starting with the ultimate in dryness and journeying through to the most unctuous of nectars.
Friday 11th May, 7-9pm, £40pp to include artisan English cheeses and wine.
Call My (wine) Bluff
Call My (wine) Bluff is an entertaining game which pits the wits, knowledge and intuition of the guest against the lying, devious and cheating expertise of the hosts (Sam and James). Void of any of the pontificating and ceremony usually associated with wine tasting, this is an opportunity to taste (and drink!) in a competitive atmosphere. Sam and James will guide you through eight wines. For each round ore if unashamedly lying through their teeth, whilst the other is telling the truth. The teams have to decide which is innocent of such deception – bonus points for guessing the retail price. Who’s the best liar and who has the best palate!?
Friday 8th June, 7-9pm, £40pp to include grazing plates and wine.
Comfort vs Adventure
Are you choosing comfort over a life of adventure? Do you always make that easy, familiar choice every time you pluck a bottle off the shelf? Fear not, we’re here to lead you astray! This month we’re going off the beaten track and into another dimension of uncharted wine regions and other worldly grapes. Some weird yes, but all completely wonderful. All organic and mostly grapes and countries you know well – just for point of reference. We’re hoping this wine club will help you jump outside the box and try something different the next time you’re confronted with that wall of wine in Tesco!
Friday 13th July, 7-9pm, £40pp to include a hot meal and wine.
Call 01675 446 080 to book.