What the bread said

This week the Michelin Awards were held online and we were pleased to read our new write up in the Michelin guide:

‘One of our most delightful places….Creative modern dishes come from a confident kitchen and feature refined, original combinations with some playful elements. Flavours are pure and unadulterated and ingredients taste exactly of what they should, with the garden playing a key part in guiding the well-judged menus.’

Huge thanks and congratulations to head chef Rob Palmer and all our Hampton Manor team who each play their part in making Peel’s ‘delightful’.

But the journey there was not straight forward.
It’s hard when you find yourselves stuck.

James and I were 26 when James’ parents led the family into a new chapter and purchased Hampton Manor.  As uninitiated food lovers, we knew the Manchester curry mile of our uni days like the back of our hands. Yet hadn’t ventured into a single starred restaurant.

So when we returned home, we looked to the experts and recruited our first chef who had previously held a Michelin star for over a decade. We’d found the talent…surely that’s all it took?

It is funny, isn’t it, that often the harder you try the more elusive something becomes? It took us 7 years to reach the dream.

And it was a local lad from down the road and a simple loaf of bread that broke the barrier for us. Find out how as James tells the story, below.

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