Peas + Worms

Make sense in the garden, but how about in your drink?

They say a gentleman never tells. But as we spend our final few weeks with the Anarchy and Beauty cocktail menu, our French-maestro thinks it’s only right to leave a parting gift.

These two are mocktails inspired by the garden in Spring (good timing for you, we think). They are also inspired by Loic’s budding bromance with Seedlip, a relationship we know will be making its mark on the all new cocktail menu which is soon to be released. We love our cellar with Wine Freedom’s plenty, and the spirits we muddle and shake. But we love that just as much craft, quality and process that has gone into the Seedlip spirits. And did we mention the taste?

Loic shares all for Peas + Tea:

50ml Seedlip Garden 108
40ml Hibiscus & ginger syrup
Top up with Real Kombucha Royal flush

Hibiscus & ginger syrup:
250g caster sugar
250g water
15g fresh grated ginger
10g hibiscus flowers

Bring the syrup ingredients to the boil.
Cool down to 60c and add the hibiscus flowers
Infuse for 15 minutes

And Buffalita

60ml Seedlip Spice 94
45ml Pineapple syrup
15ml Fresh lime juice
Rim of buffalo worm salt

Pineapple syrup:
250g Caster sugar
250g water
5g citric acid
Pineapple trim

Cook for 1h on medium heat

Buffalo worm salt:
20g salt
10g dry buffalo worm
2g cayenne pepper
2g ground cinnamon

Grind with pestle & mortar

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