Our family has been welcoming food lovers to our table since 1986. It all began in a 400 year old pub serving Mum’s home-cooked food. Today, three generations of the Hill family are shaping this estate’s future.


‘Growing up, our staff and family shared a long table after every Sunday lunch service. We tucked into my mum’s delicious roast dinner and finished with a game of rounders. It’s those kind of memories that have shaped our vision for hospitality. We’re in a very different home now but the spirit behind those moments lives on. It’s our team, with all their creativity and imagination, that makes the Manor what it is.’

James Hill


A hub for the food and wine enthusiasts. We’re a learning community caught up in an engaging debate. On the cards; cider making, the Natural Wine Fair, chef pop-ups, our monthly Wine School. Come and join the conversation.


Our house is full of history. Like our food, we honour our classical foundations. Today, we’re reimagining our country estate to build a new heritage. Respect for the past, creativity for the now.

SINCE 1855

Our walls tell many stories. The former estate of Prime Minister, Sir Robert Peel. A labour of love for his son, Sir Fredrick Peel. A house made for convening the leaders in industry and government.



Once upon a time the Manor hosted a highly acclaimed flower show. The house boasted an abundance of cut flowers grown within its walls and the kitchen was full of freshly harvested vegetables. Our family dream is to embrace this sustainable ethos and recover this lost garden for future generations.


Single Leaf

January 2022 brings some exciting changes into the estate.

We’ll be joined by Dave Taylor, a chef with a long background at 3 Michelin star Maaemo and Dr Sally Bell our wellness expert. Sally is a regular on BBC radio and delivers the Wellness programmes for the British Army. Together, they’ll be taking our supply chain deep. Whilst we grow all our vegetables with organic methods, we know that’s not going to be enough to save the future of food. Regenerating our land’s dead soil is going to be all important. After years in medicine, Sally has realised that the building blocks of our bodies start with the earth we grow our food in. We’ll be celebrating grass fed stock, regenerative farming and natural wines.

To practice this philosophy, we’re building ourselves a new home in the garden with a restaurant, cookery school and 9 bedrooms. Over the 2021, the building will be finished and we’ll be ready to open the doors in January 2022.