Here are the measures we are taking to ensure a covid-secure experience on our estate. We continue to regularly review our risk assessments in line with changing government guidelines and guest feedback.

The safest place to socialise – We can welcome groups of up to six from any one household or from mixed households in our outdoor winter dining areas.

Restaurants and hotels are still the safest place to socialise.  The data shows the spread of the virus has been concentrated in home transmission.  Restaurants and hotels are required to follow strict guidelines informed by rigorous risk assessments, creating the very safest place to have social contact with others.  Guests are responsible for following the guidance, the team are not responsible for questioning the guest’s judgement on these matters.  All visitors to our estate must have reservations and a booking lead must have registered name and contact details, allowing full compliance with track and trace.  We also ask guests to use the NHS Track and Trace App by scanning in on arrival.

Our full procedures are noted below.

Temperature checks

Your temperature will be checked by a thermal camera on entry. It discretely checks everybody that comes in the doors, every time you pass in and out of the hotel your temperature will be rechecked. There is no need to stop, the tech will simply read your temperature as you pass by.  If anyone does display a temperature our management team receive a photograph identifying them, the guest will be advised of the legal requirement to leave the estate and self isolate.  All our team members have to login on arrival on a separate facial recognition system which checks their temperature and clocks them in.


We will be offering guests masks to wear in the lobby area and corridors whilst moving around the house. Masks are not required elsewhere or at the table.  Our team members will be required to wear masks in line with current government guidelines. We are training staff to only communicate at the table after they have served a guest and stepped back 1m plus.  If at any point you do feel staff are closer than you are comfortable with, please do not hesitate to let them know by simply raising your hand.  They are trained to understand this is a sign that you would be more comfortable with a little more distance.  Staff will be washing their hands every half hour throughout service. Hand gel dispensers are available for guests and staff throughout the estate.

Social distancing – few places offer an acre per guest.  We have 45 for just 30 of you!

We do have the luxury of space for very generous social distancing in our house. All our tables are socially distanced in line the one metre plus guidance. We are currently working to implement a one way system for movement around the staircases for access to your bedrooms. To manage the social distancing requirements, table reservations in Peel’s Restaurant and the Nyetimber Summer House are limited to to 2hrs and 1.5 hours respectively.  Should you need longer to complete your experience we would continue your service in our lounge and bar areas where you may wish to extend your evening with cheese or dessert – just where you want to be as you unwind after some serious eating.

Turn down and housekeeping

Your room is your own bubble for your stay so we will enter it as little as possible. This means that we won’t be doing turn down in the evenings unless requested. If you’d like fresh towels, just put your ‘doll me up’ hanger on the door. If you have a particular need to have the room cleaned after your first night, please let our team know but otherwise we’ll leave your room as your secure private space. Our usual rigorous standards for housekeeping are applied and we now also steam clean all the fabrics between every stay and sanitise all surfaces.

Meetings and corporate bookings

For company bedroom bookings we offer up to 19 bedrooms but all residents must follow latest government guidelines if using food and beverage services and mixing at any point during their stay.  Company bookings are only taken on an exclusive use basis allowing careful management of guidelines.  A case by case consideration is given to any socially distanced meeting requirements for companies needing to meet in person to ensure the continuity of their business.

If you have any concerns or feel we can do anything further to ensure your safety please email with the subject line COVID.