Idea one: Create an invitation for dinner. Get crafty with scissors and glue or get crafting with your words.

William Morris inspired invites by EYI Love.



by Fjona Hill

Why is date night so important? Why is a family meal so important?

We love our family, right? We love our other half, right? But being cooped up indoors with them 24/7 just isn’t normal!

There’s a reason why meals out at a restaurant are associated with romance or reunions with friends. In the anticipation of a night out, we lay aside the everyday. Our heads and hearts are given the opportunity to enter a different space.

It’s not the beautiful setting that makes you connect better – it’s the changed posture of our heart. But the setting and the extraordinary food play their part as the inward signal that jump starts our hearts to change gear.

Anticipation prepares your heart for deep connection.
Start your planning for Friday 1st May and share your stories with us at to inspire others. We’ll be posting out little treats to the best stories.

Here are 6 ideas to get you looking forward to Friday, all week long.

Idea two: Make it a surprise. Lay out their favourite outfit and ban them from the dining room until you are ready. 

Idea Three: Design menu cards and pop one on each plate. Try for some beautiful designs for free.

Menu design below by Junie Poonie Designs

Idea four: Ditch the sofa dinner and set the table. Think candles, flowers, best tableware.

Styling by Ava Events Styling

Idea Five: Dress up - we've seen enough of each other in our PJs this month

Idea six: have a dinner party with your kids. Pick a feast from a favourite story and plan your menu around it. We've been harvesting veg from Hampton Manor's Walled Garden so we're planning a Peter Rabbit inspired feast!

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