Mood Food with Dr Sally Bell

Wednesday 7pm July 10, 2019

£75 per person. 3 course dinner. 7pm for arrival drinks.

Do you find yourself uncertain about your health? Are you not getting the answers to your questions? Are you tired of using medication to suppress your symptoms? Health can be confusing and knowing what voices to trust is a daunting task when your health is at stake. Dr Sally Bell is a mum of three girls and has been a medical doctor for 20 years. Having faced her own health crisis, she can understand the confusion. Over the years, she has learned to guide people back to health using an integrated approach that gets to the root of the problem and creates a health plan that works for you.

Dr Sally Bell is a firm believer that food is our medicine and medicine is our food. Join us at Hampton Manor for a 3 course meal and drinks pairing with our guest speaker, Dr Sally Bell. She will be sharing her medical experience and insight about the role of food plays in our mood, while we eat a dinner that will nourish body, mind and soul.

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