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The Chef’s Lunch

Every 6 weeks the chefs enjoy an unusual lunch together. Learning to cook is most certainly preceded by learning to eat, so we insist on this hearty ritual.  So often chefs settle for tasting components in the sterile environment of a kitchen when the only real test is what comes from those elements when they ...

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Blackcurrant Jam 
500g fresh blackcurrants 
500g jam sugar 
200g white wine vinegar
bring the vinegar and blackcurrents to the boil until reduces 
add the sugar
boil to 107oc



Root to Restaurant

Nature to kitchen, kitchen to plate; here sous chef Daz shares the secrets to head chef Rob Palmer’s seasonal recipes. Follow the gastronomic process from the arrival of fresh produce in the morning, the preparation during the day, to its plating up for your evening dinner. We’re excited to share our secrets about how to ...

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Food treats at Hampton Manor, a place to eat in Solihull, near the NEC



Peel’s restaurant Awarded 3rd AA rosette

Peel’s Restaurant, at Hampton Manor, has joined the region’s leading restaurants with the prestigious award of a 3rd AA Rosette.  Only a handful of restaurants in Birmingham have made the big jump form 2 to 3 rosettes including Simpson’s, Purnell’s, Adam’s, Love’s and recently Turners.  It is the first time a restaurant in the ...

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