Hampton Manor Sarah Island suite of hotel rooms

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George Fentham Room at Hampton Manor, Hotel, Solihull



Get Surrey Heads North

In December 2016 Laura Nightingale from Get Surrey came to dine and stay. Her review commences with a visual tour of her home from home for that night, the George Fentham Suite. She surmises that ‘luxury toiletries, cosy bath robes, a large flat screen television, complementary cookies and coffee making facilities, two lazy rocking chairs and a spread of magazines make our stay comforting yet special.’

Down in Peel’s she samples the four course tasting menu:

Beetroot, goat’s cheese, sourdough

Mackerel, cucumber, sesame, lime

Wagyu beef twice, Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom, parsley


Before she tucks into the dishes she takes a moment to mention the service; ‘it’s vital to mention how exceptional the service was.’ Ambiance noted, she dissects the dishes in what accumulates into a ‘stunning tasting menu.’ Hats off to the chef.

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