Hampton Manor Sarah Island suite of hotel rooms

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A Place of Calibre

When the mature modern man from Calibre Magazine came to stay he was excited to see what all the fuss was about, news of Peel’s restaurant had trickled its way to him on the foodie grapevine. In his review he succinctly defines Rob’s menus: they ‘balance fresh seasonal produce with precision modern cooking techniques and refined experimentation.’ Well defined all round.

He enjoys the ambience at Peel’s; the fact that it seats a maximum of 27 guests, its dim lighting and comfortable furnishings. ‘Guests can really retreat into a world of their own during the whole experience.’ He compliments the wine pairings, describes the seven course tasting menu as ‘a journey through the high culinary arts,’ and surmises be describing Peel’s as ‘one of the best fine dining experiences in the country.’ I’ll cheers to that!


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