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Gianrico: our Mediterranean Prodigal Son

Five years ago he left the Manor to return to his homeland, Apulia. Now he has come back, wife, child, and ‘bump on the way’ in tow, and a whole bag of experience to pass onto the team. He’s brought us wines from his hometown; Nero di Troia, Minutolo and Faraone make a happy trio. ...

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Root to Restaurant: seven course tasting

Beetroot, goat’s cheese, sourdough

‘Cauliflower cheese’ 

Rose veal, onion, nasturtiums

Monkfish, kohlrabi, miso, coriander

Squab, red cabbage, hazelnut

The artisan cheese board, apricot & walnut bread

Rhubarb, almond, toasted meringue

Blood orange, white chocolate aero, star anise

Cauliflower cheese, rose veal, blood orange: such stuff as dreams are made ...

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Food for Thought: New Beginnings

It’s a new year and we are all just returning to work and school in my household.

Day one generally goes something like this: the night before, bags are packed for all three of my sons, lunches are prepared ahead and in the fridge. Uniforms are laid out and sports kits are ready to go. ...

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